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Lake District World Heritage Status

Clockwork Forest. Grizedale SculptureThe Lake District is a World Heritage Site
Grizedale Forest is proud to be part of the World Heritage Site!

The Lake District has become a World Heritage Site joining iconic locations such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon as a place of international acclaim. The bid was put together for UNESCO recognition in the cultural landscape category.

The Lake District World Heritage Site is the UK’s largest World Heritage site at 229,200 ha.

Three themes underpinned the bid for World Heritage Site status, recognising the Lake District National Park as an evolving cultural landscape of international significance. The themes:
identity – The Lakes are a dramatic and unique landscape which has been formed through man’s activities, such as forestry and land management. The result is an evolving working landscape, an evolving masterpiece.
inspiration - Grizedale and the wider Lake District has inspired many of the world’s greatest artists, writers and thinkers over the years and the landscape is still a source of inspiration today challenging the traditional perceptions of what culture in the Lake District means
conservation - A true love of the Lake District created a drive to protect and conserve it. Since 1937 the Forestry Commission has managed Grizedale Forest.  Our forest management and investment has ensured your Lake District Forests and Woodlands are here for future generations to enjoy.

The Forestry Commission is deeply rooted within the World Heritage Status. Grizedale Volunteer Days Due to our land management, we have created a beautiful landscape which has inspired artists and created a relationship between human beings, hills, mountains and lakes. This is our evolving landscape – your Lake District Forests to explore, discover and relax.

To celebrate World Heritage status we have jointly commissioned a sculpture entitled ‘Mountains We Made’ by Charlie Whinney. The oak for the sculpture has been sustainably sourced from Grizedale Forest. The piece will come home to Grizedale Forest in January 2018 as part of the forest’s famous permanent collection.

Information on ‘Mountains We Made’ by Charlie Whinney coming soon.


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Last updated: 13th February 2018

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