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KS2 & KS3 programmes

Goggle Grizedale

Grizedale’s geographical gems are investigated using field skills to build confidence and experience in geographical enquiry. This package can be planned to the clients’ needs – choose your own adventure – or let us take care of it for you!

Session outline: We head uphill within the forest stopping to observe along the way, enquiring about the changes in flora and how the trees and woodland industry shape the landscape. We do some field sketches, and take a closer look at micro habitats in a variety of under stories in both deciduous and coniferous forests. We can take a skills based approach such as taking transects of flora or take a looser look at the human and natural influences on the landscape. We find a base to explore from, using all of our senses to see how the forests make us feel, and ponder why forest habitats are so vital to not only a variety of plants and animals but also to ourselves. We can also get hands on to explore use of natural resources with some bushcraft skills.

National Curriculum Links: Geography, Map skills, People and Places, Geographical enquiry, Habitats and ecosystems. Science biology, life cycles, plants, Ecosystems.

Forest Pioneers

An exciting cross curricular package aimed at discovering a sense of adventure through both science and art. This session takes full advantage of what Grizedale has to offer - A woodland habitat and an art gallery rolled into one!

Session outline:

We imagine that we are a team of scientists, artists and explorers heading off into virgin forest. We gather and form expedition teams before embarking on a journey deep into the trees. We stop on the way to make observations, raise questions, and explore from an artistic and sensory perspective. We arrive at base camp and set up shelters, testing our team work before some more in depth study of the woodland habitat. We finish by choosing our own creative approach to share our findings, perhaps a poem or some natural artwork, and end on a group song inspired by what we’ve learnt.

To ignite enthusiasm for learning and awaken the scientist and artist within us all!

National Curriculum links: Science biology, life cycles, plants, Ecosystems, Art, mixed media, abstract and impressionism, Outdoor ed, team building and communication.

Creative Nature

A forest foray from a creative perspective! Your group are set various challenges to respond to using only natural materials, and their own imagination and creativity. A multisensory adventure through the trees with links to literacy, music, art and design.

Session outline: We start with some sensory activities to tune into the forest and get inspiration, before the challenges commence. Challenges range from creating a sculpture or artwork, composing some poetry, a site specific design challenge (e.g. making tiny rafts or shelters), and forming a ‘rock band’ to perform a piece of music.

National Curriculum links: Art, mixed media, abstract and impressionism, Outdoor ed, team building and communication. Music: music styles through the ages, spontaneous performance, jamming and rounds.

Forest Survival Skills

You are lost in the forest…. How can the forest help you?

In the spirit of Ray Mears, we present a fun and common sense approach to outdoor skills with an emphasis on respect of the natural world. A number of fantasy incidents occur throughout the day and ways to cope with these using natural resources are introduced.

Session Outline: We trek up a rocky track winding into the forest taking note of key landmarks along the way and leaving a trail of twig arrows. We stop as someone has a big cut on their ankle and we pack it with moss…we talk about it’s use in the first world war. Walking deeper into the forest it starts to snow, we have to get a shelter together quickly but have no tarp, what vegetation can we use? We have rope how can we best tie it? All these questions will be answered. We do some fire lighting (small groups only) discuss the fire triangle and look for the best kindling materials. We investigate edible plants and trees.

National Curriculum links: Duke of Edinburgh Awards Geography, Map skills, People and Places, Geographical enquiry. Science, biology, food chains, nutrition Outdoor ed, team building and communication, problem solving.

Woodland Habitats

We learn about this unique landscape by delving into the secret lives of woodland inhabitants.

As we wander through the veins of the forest, we investigate the great variety of habitats both large and small. From looking closely at micro habitats inside dead trees and around rocky outcrops, to the larger expanses of both native Larch woodland. For full day sessions we may reach the upper most moorland areas laden with Bilberries and Heathers. We compare and contrast the landscapes in Grizedale and investigate, discuss and record what we find. Pupils are encouraged to use identification cards and magnifying glasses to really appreciate the depth of detail. We collect specimens but also discuss the challenges of conserving these precious woodland habitats for generations to come. With understanding of the natural world we hope to germinate interest and a passion to conserve it.

National Curriculum Links: Science biology, life cycles, plants.


Last updated: 11th July 2017

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