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Why I volunteer at Bedgebury

Why I Volunteer at Bedgebury... by Rosemary Mayhew

"I have loved Bedgebury ever since I can remember and have had the privilege of working in Visitor Services. When I retired I found I really missed the interaction with the visitors and decided to join the volunteers.

Most of my time is spent meeting and greeting, helping visitors to make the most of their visit but I have helped at the concerts, spent days storytelling and generally helping with special events. I particularly enjoy sharing the amazing conservation work being carried out by our Tree Team and have been fortunate enough to meet visitors from all over the world who have a serious interest in our trees including, most recently, a group from Rio!

Why I Volunteer at Bedgebury... by Ben Dearsley

Ben has been an enthusiastic volunteer at Bedgebury since 2012 when he joined the Ambassador Scheme (now Visitor Experience Volunteers). He says he volunteers here because he loves the outdoors and enjoys the ambassador role as it gives him the chance to meet new people. Ben taking loved taking part in an archery session with the Visitor Experience Volunteers last autumn.

Since Ben met Cath Weeks, the Bedgebury Learning Manager, at last year’s volunteer barbecue he has joined the Learning Volunteers and enjoyed helping out with learning events.

Why I Volunteer at Bedgebury…  by Jo Pappenheim

"With a sprinkle of serendipity I discovered my day off was a Wednesday and we all know that Wednesday is a busy volunteer day at Bedgebury, so what better way to keep myself out of trouble?

Beginning with the Wild Crew I was drawn to the company and the chatter, and I soon realised that the serenity of the trees was keeping me calm and balancing my yin with my yang.

I have since been drawn to the Bedgebury running group on a Wednesday morning and I have progressed to the label crew in the afternoon. We discuss, explore and laugh each week finding another problem to frustrate and delight us, usually finishing with a cup of tea and a review of progress.

I can't think of a better way to spend my day off in beautiful surroundings and with fascinating people or is it fascinating surroundings and beautiful people?"




Last updated: 10th July 2018


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