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Projects and Thresholds

For all the different types of forestry projects an area threshold exists. Depending upon the threshold within which the project lies, the likelihood of the need for our consent will vary.  Separate area thresholds exist for land that is in sensitive, non-sensitive areas and, in the case of afforestation projects, low risk areas. Definitions of sensitive and low risk areas can be found in the screening guidance.

Forestry Projects

  • Afforestation:  Planting new woods and forests, includes direct seeding or natural regeneration, planting Christmas trees or short rotation coppice
  • Deforestation: Felling woodland to use the land for a different purpose
  • Forest Roads: The formation, alteration or maintenance of private ways on land used (or to be used) for forestry purposes. This includes roads within a forest or leading to one
  • Forestry Quarries: Quarrying to obtain materials required for forest road works on land that is used or will be used for forestry purposes or on land held or occupied with that land Area thresholds

Use the Land Information Search (LIS) and other online map browsers, such as to identify any designations or sensitivities that may be affected by the project. The sensitivities will determine the particular area threshold that must be used.  Contact details for the relevant organisation responsible for these features are provided on the report that is produced.


Last updated: 18th May 2018