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Once upon a time, in a forest not far away, there lived some Vikings. They didn’t tend to go out much and their boats sat gently bobbing by the jetty and their shields and swords hung rusting on the wall.

Every night, the little boys and girls of the village sat and stared at the four walls of their long-houses. Viking Mums and Dads told tales and fables of how perilous it was to play in the forest as it was the home of all sorts of wild creatures and contained menacing places full of mud.

One day a brave Viking boy and girl packed a sandwich, one of their five-a-day and put on very sensible footwear to battle muddy puddles. They had decided to leave the confines of the village and harbour to find out what lay beyond, setting off on a journey of discovery and adventure in the forest…. 

Viking Wild Play, Hamsterley ForestViking Wild Play, Hamsterley Forest

Follow in their footsteps and discover what it is like to be a wild explorer! Train to be a Viking warrior on the assault course, search for Freya’s missing treasure chest, cross roaring rivers, labour at Thor’s Workshop, capture the Viking Ghost-ship, storm Tyr’s Woodland Fortress and a hundred and one other adventures. The only limit is your imagination.

Hamsterley Forest’s new Viking Wildplay Trail is set along an 800 metre long path straddling both sides of the bubbling Bedburn Beck. It features a number of timber play structures designed and built by North Shields based company ‘Infinite Playgrounds’.

The trail presents a bucketful of opportunities for kids to play in mature woodland and in the beck itself. All the ingredients for a day of adventure are here – from mud to water and sticks-a-plenty to build that perfect shelter.

Once new lands have been explored and conquered and all the steam in the young engines has been spent, re-fuel at one of the many picnic areas or treat the young warriors at Hamsterley Forest Café.

Viking Wild Play, Hamsterley ForestPlease allow 2-3 hours for young Vikings to have enough time to enjoy each piece of play and complete the entire play trail.

The footpath around the Wildplay Trail is fully accessible for wheelchairs and buggies. Note this path is open to all and will be used by cyclists, horse-riders and dog walkers. Dog owners are asked to keep their dogs on leads on this trail and must use the dog bins provided to dispose of dog waste.

Did you know? Hamsterley Forest is one of only a handful of forests in England where the rare woodland creature known as the ‘Gruffalo’ lives. At this time of year, also look out for its offspring in the forest.....


Last updated: 29th March 2018

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