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Santa Hacks

Reusing dropped tree needles

Taking care of your tree will reduce the amount of needle drop from your Christmas tree. The good news is there are loads of fantastic uses for those needles which eventually drop.

1. Try Needle Tea

Reuse any fallen needles for a delicious cup of needle tea!

Pine Tea

  1. Pick up and clean any freshly fallen pine needles from your tree
  2. Boil the kettle, and pour the water into your mug
  3. Add the needles to your mug, and stir for a few minutes, until they begin to fade in colour - this is where the flavour is released!
  4. Remove the needles with a fork, then add sugar or lemon to taste
  5. Sip your delicious festive tea!


2. Add needles to your compost heap

There's no need to throw away fallen needles! These natural composters improve the soil’s ability to hold moisture, and can provide your garden with much needed nutrients.


Whilst needles are naturally acidic, this level will reduce over time and when broken up slightly.

What makes needles so great as compost is that they do not compact - this means greater airflow into your compost heap which means other materials within it will break down more quickly.

3. Make authentic looking Christmas cards

Decorating your Christmas cards with pine needles will give make them all the more special, and will fill your envelopes with the lovely sweet smell of Christmas. Here's a few ideas:


  • Make a mini Christmas tree on the cover, using needles for the tree and felt for the decorations!
  • Make a pine needle border for your cards to add that Christmassy touch.
  • Cut your needles in half and paint them to make a tinsel themed card!

Forestry Commission England's Christmas trees are 100% Santa Approved. That means less needle droppage, and longer lasting colour! Find out where you can get one of our high-quality trees.

Want more Santa hacks? For more top tips and guides for a perfect Christmas, check out our Santa Hacks.

Last updated: 20th October 2017

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