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Santa Hacks

Fixing a star to the top of your tree

Your tree is sparkling with tinsel, baubles and fairy lights, but that elusive top-piece is proving hard to reach! Here's how to fix your angel or star to the top of your Christmas tree.

1. What you need


1 x broom or a brush with a long handle
1 x strong duct tape (or similar heavy-duty tape)
1 x old wire coathanger (the stronger the better - this will be the claw)

2. Make your hanger into 'the claw'


Take your coat hanger with the hook pointing downward, and push the two shoulders (the widest parts of the hanger) into the each other, centrally underneath the hook.

You may have to twist, and hold the hanger in position for a few moments in order for the new shape to stay, but once complete it should look like a appear as a straight line with the hook on one end. This is the claw.

3. Attach the claw to the broom handle


Take the claw and lay it alongside your broom handle. Once you are happy with the length of protusion, use generous amounts of duct tape to fasten the claw to the broom.

Ideally you want most of the hanger to be against the wood to prevent it from bending under the weight of your star.

4. Getting your star on your tree

This is where your fantastically built contraption shows its worth.

Place your star or angel into the hook of the claw, the bend the metal to lightly hold it in place. Getting the balance between too tight and too loose is the main challenge here - you want to be able to leave the star up there without the broom hanging off! hook

Now, use the broom to lift your star or angel to the top of your tree, and lightly twist the broom to wriggle it free. This technique is also great if you want to get your Christmas fairy lights up to those hard-to-reach spots, such as along the curtain rail!

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Got any more great Santa hacks, tips or guides? We'd love to hear them! Head to our Twitter or Facebook and share your ideas.

Last updated: 22nd June 2017

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