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Caring for your Christmas tree

Preventing needles dropping and the green from fading on your Christmas tree requires a little bit of care and attention. Follow our top tips for a longer lasting, healthier real Christmas tree!

Caring for your Christmas tree

How our expert tips keep your real Christmas tree looking healthier for longer.

  1. Cutting 2.5cm off the trunk removes any dried sap so the tree can easily absorb water.
  2. Freshly cut trees need alot of water so immersing the tree trunk will make sure it has enough to drink and prevent the needles from drying out.
  3. Keeping your tree in a cool, dry space will stop the needles from drying out and dropping off.
  4. Watering your tree regularly will help it live for longer and keep it looking fresh and healthy over Christmas!

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Last updated: 21st November 2017

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