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Integrating research for policy and practice

The aim of this programme is to demonstrate how the impact of research into trees, woods and forests can be enhanced through dialogue and collaboration between scientists, policy-makers, land managers and other stakeholders across the public and private sectors.


The specific objectives are to demonstrate how we can improve the level and quality of:

  • integration between scientists across Forest Research (FR) and its research partners, by encouraging collaboration and interdisciplinarity where appropriate;
  • knowledge exchange between the research community and external stakeholders through targeted engagement at appropriate stages in the research process; and
  • research impact, i.e. changes in attitudes and behaviour that help realise the full range of benefits provided by trees, woods and forests into the future.

Innovation potential

The programme will look outside the forestry sector for examples of excellent practice, which will increase its innovation potential. The application of a systems approach, e.g. to reframe research challenges, is innovative, and will link WA1.1 in this programme with WA1.1 in Programme 1 (‘Exploring socio-ecological systems as a context for defining resilience’). Case studies will be selected in work package 2 partly to encourage innovation in the sector. The approach taken by the programme to address issues around integration, engagement and impact is itself innovative: the organisation is taking a lead within the environmental sector by recognising that these issues represent a research challenge as well as a communications challenge. By enhancing interdisciplinary working and stakeholder engagement, the programme is likely to foster creativity and innovation in other ways that are hard to predict.

Work Packages

WP1 - Integration
The aim of this work package is to implement and coordinate three inter-linked work areas, which will operate in parallel at a strategic level across the agency and wider sector.

WP2 - Case Studies
The aim of this work package is to conduct a number of interdisciplinary case studies as a means to understand and enhance research impact. Each case study will focus on a key research challenge (or cluster of challenges) already being addressed within one (or more) of the other six programmes. By working together, case study teams will identify actions that seek to make tangible improvements to the production and utilisation of research.

Last updated: 2nd August 2016