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A sustainable vision for Delamere Forest

A Sustainable Vision for Delamere Forest - Forestry Commission’s £15 million vision

Update 27-2-18

We are delighted that our vision for Delamere Forest can now be realised, improving the visitor experience and working with the environment to solve many of the challenges the location currently experiences.

We look forward to working with the local community, our visitors and our partners to fulfil our exciting plans for the Forest.

Evidence and experience from our other 9 Forest Holidays locations show that they quickly become part of the local community and contribute substantially to the local economy. The Forest Holidays cabin site will broaden the experiences that visitors to Delamere will be able to enjoy and it will also contribute valuable income to help the Forestry Commission maintain the recreational facilities for years to come.


Application taken to Appeal

Forestry Commission appeal £15 million investment plans for Delamere Forest

The Forestry Commission with its business partner Forest Holidays have appealed against the decision by Cheshire West and Chester Council that turned down their Master Plan for Delamere Forest.

The Forestry Commission’s previous application in 2013 was favoured by planning committee, and the further improved plan submitted in 2016 would ease the traffic problems for local people caused by the forest’s growing popularity over the past 20 years.

The plans also include a new visitor centre with facilities better suited to meet visitors’ needs, including toilets and a cafe; new and improved trails, cycle paths and bridleways; improved traffic flow and signs and more car parking spaces.

The proposals are supported by the Forestry Commission’s partner Forest Holidays and include plans for 67 holiday cabins to be built sensitively in the forest away from the main visitor area with no loss of access to local users.  The cabins would generate around £200,000 of income every year to support the Forestry Commission’s upkeep of Delamere Forest.

Simon Hodgson, Chief Executive, said:

“Over 20 years the number of people wanting to come and enjoy Delamere Forest has risen to 750,000. This has had obvious impacts for local residents and put pressure on our facilities.

“We have carefully listened to the views of local residents and produced a plan to improve traffic around the forest in addition to creating new facilities to allow people to have a more enjoyable visit. We have included Forest Holidays in the proposal because our 40 years’ experience of having cabins in forests means we believe it can work sensitively and provide much-needed income to manage and enhance Delamere Forest.

“These plans will contribute £2.4 million a year to the local economy around Delamere, by creating local jobs, using local service suppliers and increasing tourism in the area. Forest Holidays encourages guests to explore the local area and visit local businesses and attractions during their stay.

“Our proposal had local support in 2013 but questions about the cabins were raised by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. We believe we have carefully addressed those questions and I am determined to ensure our long-term plan for Delamere Forest becomes a reality and benefits local people, our many visitors and the economy.”

The Delamere vision can be viewed via the exhibition panels link, right.

Updates will be posted on this page as available.


Last updated: 1st March 2018

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