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EIA Consultations in the South East of England

The consultation period closed on 12 August 2016, please see Our Opinions and Decisions page for the Statement of Reasons for this site.

Forest Services – the part of the Forestry Commission responsible for giving consent under the Environmental Impact Assessment (Forestry) (England and Wales) Regulations 1999 - has now considered the information provided in the Environmental Statement and comments received following the consultation exercise. After analysing this information we have determined to grant consent subject to the conditions which are set out in the Statement of Reasons which supports our decision.

If you feel you have been aggrieved by the grant of consent because we have failed to comply with the regulations you may appeal by making an application to the High Court (England and Wales). This must be submitted within six weeks from October 14th 2016. I would ask that a copy of any appeal is also sent to Forestry Commission England’s Executive Office at 620 Bristol Business Park, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol,  BS16 1EJ.

Please find all of the information required on the Environmental Impact Assessment for Langley Vale

The Woodland Trust recently bought approximately 260ha of farmland and woodland located to the south of Epsom. Their objective is to create new areas of woodland to maximise wildlife potential, inspire and involve local communities, give opportunities for informal recreation and enjoyment of natural greenspace and to increase people’s understanding of natural habitats.

At present the site comprises arable farmland, chalk grassland and broadleaved woodland. Their outline proposals seek to convert up to 52% of the site to woodland from farmland.  The remainder of the non woodland areas are to remain as open and will not be planted with trees.

On 11 September 2015 the Forestry Commission informed the Woodland Trust that the proposals are likely to have a significant impact on the environment and hence constitute a relevant project as defined by the above Regulations. As such the Forestry Commission’s consent will be required for the work.

The Woodland Trust were asked to prepare an Environmental Statement which provides an objective assessment of the impacts of their proposals. The Woodland Trust have provided the Forestry Commission with their Environmental Statement which is now published for consultation.

Any comments about the application should be made by email to or in writing to the Forestry Commission, Regional Director for South East Region, Park Lane, Bedgebury, Goudhurst, Kent TN17 2SL by August 12th 2016.

Please note that the documents are large and may take some time to download. They have been split into sections to aid this.

Environmental Statement
Part 1 Chapters 1-3 Non technical summary, Introduction, Project Description, Policy Context
Part 2 Chapters 4-6 Flora and Fauna, Soils and Water, People Access and Recreation
Part 3 Chapters 7-10 Archaeology, Landscape and Visual, Climate, Summary 

Chapter 8 Images - Landscape and visual assessment views
Images Part 1 Sheet 1-3
Images Part 2 Sheet 4-5
Images Part 3 Sheet 6-8
Images Part 4 Sheet 9-10
Images Part 5 Sheet 11-12
Images Part 6 Sheet 13-14
Images Part 7 Sheet 15-17

Appendices Part 1 (1-2) Scoping report, HLS agreement
Appendices Part 2 (3-5)Bat survey, Badger survey, Herptile survey
Appendices Part 3 (6) Invertebrate survey
Appendices Part 4 (7a) Bird survey
Appendices Part 5 (7b) Bird survey
Appendices Part 6 (7c)Bird survey
Appendices Part 7 (8) Vegetation survey
Appendices Part 8 (9-13) Dormouse survey, Plantlife report, Sainsbury’s orchard, LA policies, National policy
Appendices Part 9 (14a) Archaeology assessment
Appendices Part 10 (14b) Archaeology assessment
Appendices Part 11 (14c) Archaeology assessment
Appendices Part 12 (14d) Archaeology assessment
Appendices Part 13 (15) Magnetometry survey
Appendices Part 14 (16-18) Landscape design base map
Appendices Part 15 (19a) Landscape design maps
Appendices Part 16 (19b) Landscape design maps
Appendices Part 17 (20a) Landscape visualisations
Appendices Part 18 (20b) Landscape visualisations
Appendices Part 19 (20c) Landscape visualisations
Appendices Part 20 (21-23) Species list from Surrey Botanical Society, Skylark habitat, Note from Ken Smith
Appendices Part 21 (24-26) Vegetation survey 2014, North, East and South
Appendices Part 22 (27-28) Miles King report, Planting plan
Appendices Part 23 (29-30) Soils, Soil resources survey
Appendices Part 24 (31a) Flood risk assessment
Appendices Part 25 (31b) Flood risk assessment
Appendices Part 26 (32-33) Woodland Trust position statement, Stakeholder engagement summary

Last updated: 31st January 2018