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Forestry Business Support

Sustainable woodland management is best implemented through ‘market pull’ whereby management is driven by sound economic, business led plans and operations rather than requiring long term grant support.

We are keen to guide and support forestry businesses, including help to access Rural Development Programme (RDPE) funding.

Do you want to expand your forestry business?

We ran local events for forestry contractors and owner-producers to provide a detailed overview of the grants available and practical advice on how to apply.

Guidance and advice from previous events can be found on the right hand links. Please note that all collated information is from the internet or provided by representatives from the forestry sector. 

The Forestry Commission are not in a position to make recommendations.

Application Masterclasses February/March 2016:

To support the forestry sector with RDPE funding applications, we held Application Masterclasses.  These Masterclasses explained in detail how to create the best possible grant applications for a range of RDPE related funding pots, with opportunities to ask questions and discuss proposals. 

A copy of the FACE Consortium presentation can be found here 
(Please note – information in the presentation is the best understanding available at the time of the events.  Information is subject to change.)

If you have any questions, please email or call either 0300 067 4422 or 0300 067 4424

Last updated: 18th March 2016