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Organising Your Own Event

 Dalby Visitor Centre

An organised event is the bringing together of a group of people, at a particular place and time, for an activity that has been specifically planned for them.

Dalby Forest is an attractive area for informal recreation and well-managed sporting or challenging events, but it is also a protected conservation area. The Forestry Commission is keen to help organisers run a successful event, but also seeks to minimise the potential impact on the forest and avoid conflict with other users.


Why do I need a permit?

Forestry Commission woodlands play host to numerous activities ranging from pop concerts and car rallies to horse rides and sponsored walks. This demand has increased over the past few years, as have our numbers of casual visitors.

With this in mind we are trying to improve the management of events to avoid conflict with other forest users.  All Forestry Commission woodlands are working forests and valuable wildlife habitats so this also needs to be considered when running an event.  Careful planning is needed to ensure events on Forestry Commission land are well-managed and safe events from start to finish.

Many recreational activities which take place on Forestry Commission land are  in breach of the Forestry Commission Byelaws. Therefore the Forestry Commission as the land managers will issue permits to event organisers so the activity can take place.


Does my activity require permission?

If the activity you are organising is taking place on Forestry Commission land it is always best to check in advance whether permission is required. Some of the activities which require permission are:

• Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions

• Organised cycle rides, walks and horse rides (including sponsored and charity events)

• Group visits to the forest including Scouts/ Guides

• Filming and Photography (professional companies and students)

• Orienteering

This list is not exhaustive so please do not hesitate to contact us on 0300 067 4300 to check if a permit is required.


Event Planning and Information

For us to fully assess an event and how it will run on Forestry Commission land we will require a basic outline of how and when the event will run. This will include the type of event, numbers involved, potential spectators, parking areas, routes, style of way marking, numbers of marshals and emergency provision.  In short we need to know as much as possible about the event so we can be sure it does not compromise the safety of other forest users or adversely affect forest operations or wildlife.

We will require details well in advance of the event so that revisions can be made if necessary. 

• Please provide a map to an appropriate scale showing the route/ areas you would like to use with any additional details e.g. parking clearly marked on.

• We require proof of public liability insurance; £5 million is standard for events such as horse rides and cycle races. Please note the event permit will not be granted without a copy of your insurance. If you run regular events one copy will suffice for the annual period. 

• If the event requires special skills we need a copy of the leaders’ relevant qualification certification.

• As part of any good planning process hazards should be identified, risks assessed and controlled to minimise the potential for injury or harm. Events vary in size, nature and type, but all events require assessment, control and monitoring of risks.  Before an event takes place on Forestry Commission land a risk assessment and emergency plan needs to be completed.  We will need a copy of the full risk assessment covering all elements of the event.

All maps and information must be submitted a minimum of 8 weeks before the event is planned to run.  An event will not be given permission if insufficient information is provided or information is not provided in time.

Event maps and proposals will be assessed by the relevant area team and if necessary, they will discuss issues with you such as routes or parking.  


How do I apply for a permit?

Due to the number of activities taking place on the Forest we strongly recommend that you contact the office to discuss your event/activity so we can check that your proposed event will not clash with anything else going on and provisionally note that your event is happening. Please note that until we have issued your permission all requests are provisional and that a permit can take up to 8 weeks to be issued.

Click here to download a copy of our event guidelines.

To request an application form, please use the contact details below:

Forestry Commission, Yorkshire Forest District, Outgang Road, Pickering, YO18 7EL

Telephone; 0300 067 4300 or Email;

Last updated: 5th July 2018

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