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Discover your Forest

Searching for mini beasts in a log

This activity can be done in any Forestry Commission woodland in England. If you complete the whole activity sheet, you will qualify for two hours of learning in your passport.

We suggest that you carry out the activity while following a trail of about 2 miles (3.5km; 1.5 hours) - here are some trails recommend by our Rangers.

Don’t worry if you can’t get to one of these forests. To find another Forestry Commission site near you and plan your own route, have a look at our visit a forest pages.

What Next?

  1. Download the Discover your forest activity sheet
  2. Choose a forest to visit, and take a pencil and a small bag.  A clipboard may be useful if you have one.
  3. During the visit to the forest, discuss the questions and activities on the sheet.
  4. Write answers down as you go, or complete the sheet later on.
  5. When you have finished, scan pages 1 and 5, or take a photo of them, and email them to with your name and age, and the name of the forest you visited, so that we can send you a stamp for your CU passport. 

We understand that not all children are able‎ to complete written work; where necessary, the child may give verbal answers which are noted by a parent or teacher and sent with an accompanying comment.  Alternatively parents or teachers may wish to discuss submitting a different piece of evidence, if so please get in touch


Last updated: 31st July 2017

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