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Dry Stone Wall Maze

 You’ll be a-maze-d at the progress

Adderstone Maze Illustration



Many of you already know about the Dry Stone Wall Maze project taking place here at Dalby and have asked for updates. For others new to the exciting plans, we want to bring you up to speed.

What is the Dry Stone Wall Maze?

The concept of the maze was dreamed up by local dry stone waller, Mark Ellis. We were captivated straight away by Mark’s idea and wanted to find a way to help. Now he is seeing his ideas come to life because he is the one building it! Mark is passionate about the heritage of dry stone walling in North Yorkshire and building a legacy for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Why Dalby?

The maze site is tucked away in the heart of Dalby Forest. We were able to clear and dedicate a perfect site for its construction and, one day, visitor access. This is a unique project that will be a major North Yorkshire attraction for years to come. We’re very proud to be hosting it.

When will it be finished?

As you’d imagine, the maze is an intricate build and needs over 4000 tonnes of suitable stone. It will be constructed in stages and how long it takes will be influenced by a number of things including how quickly the funds can be raised and how kind the local weather is! We’re hoping the maze will be open to the public some time in 2019.

How you can get involved

There are a few ways to be a part of this project:

  • Spread the word! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and share our updates. We want everyone to be as excited as we are.
  • Contribute to the Friends of Dalby Forest Buy a Stone campaign. The gift stone, engraved with initials, will be built into the maze forever.
  • Take part in a stone carving workshop led by local sculptor Charles Smith.
  • There is more information to follow about sponsoing one of the special features in the maze, if you’re a business donor.

 Facts and figures

Get to know the stats behind the facts:

  • It will take two dry stone wallers around three years to build the maze.
  • The maze will cover 80 metres x 80 metres.
  • Its walls will be two metres high and one metre wide at the base.
  • 4032 tonnes of locally sourced stone will be used.
  • In total, the full length of stone wall will measure 1610 metres.
  • The maze has been precisely aligned with sunrise on the summer solstice.
  • A wide range of features found in Yorkshire field walls and gardens will be a part of the maze: stone step stiles, squeeze stiles, smout holes, kissing gates, phantom gates and moon gates!

You can be part of this enormous and exciting project! For information on our Dry Sone Wall Maze Stone Carving Workshops, please click here.


Last updated: 12th October 2017

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