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Haldon Forest Park Access Statement

Haldon Forest Park is 3500 hectare of predominantly conifer Forest just outside of Exeter, within easy reach of the A38 and A380. Haldon has a broad appeal to different users and age groups and is an all year round facility. 

Haldon Forest Park

Haldon has over 40km’s of surfaced trails for cyclists, walkers, and horse riders. Under the management of Haldon are two additional car parks and facilities away from the main visitor centre, Harcombe de-boxing car park and trails and Mamhead car park and trail.


  • Further information about your visit can be found at where you will find information on directions to the site, amenities, opening hours and parking charges or you can contact the Haldon Forest Park Rangers Office on 0300 067 5826 (8.30am-5pm, seven days a week.)
  • Due to the location of Haldon Forest Park access via public transport is difficult. Stagecoach busses X64 and X46 do have bus stops on the main roads leaving approximately a 1-1.5 miles walk to the Park.
  • Haldon Forest Park is signposted from the A38 and A380 with Brown Tourist signs. On approach to the park there is signage to guide you to the main car par and the entrance is marked with two large banners.

Car Parks (Main visitor centre, Mamhead, Harcombe)

  • The main visitor car park has approximately 200 spaces (four of which are disabled), plus an extra 50 when the overflow staff car park is open. 
  • The car park has four pay and display machines. Please note that all spaces are chargeable including disabled parking bays.
  • Card and note payments for the car park can be taken from the Rangers Office. Annual Discovery Passes which give year round parking are also available from the Rangers Office and provides great value for money for regular visitors.
  • The disabled parking area can be found just to the left of the fully surfaced path leading you into the main visitor area.
  • Mamhead car park is situated 3 miles away from the main visitor centre. The car park has approximately 50 spaces (including 2 disabled) open to the public daily.
  • There is no charge for parking at the Mamhead car park. 
  • Harcombe is a dedicated de-boxing car park and has no marked spaces – space of overall car park area is 100m x 25m. Access to this car park is restricted to horse riders wishing to de-box. Access is awarded though application to

Haldon Visitor Centre overview map

 Main Visitor Area

  • Leading from the car park is a fully surfaced path that brings you into the main visitor area.
  • In the main visitor area you will find the Ridge Café, Toilets, Ranger’s Office as well as Forest Cycle Hire and Segway.
  • Go Ape is accessed via a well surfaced path on the opposite side of the car park.

Haldon Visitor Centre layout map


  • We have 4 unisex toilets, a gent’s urinal and one disabled toilet with baby changing table.
  • A shower is also available; this is kept locked and is opened on request.   

Rangers Office 

  • There is a Rangers Office/Visitor reception area in the main visitor area to take enquiries about the site and the activities available.
  • We aim to keep this office open during opening hours however due to commitments around the park this is not always possible. The name of the member of staff on duty will always be displayed in the Rangers Office window and contact numbers are available on the adjacent board.
  • The counter of the reception desk is arranged at two levels with a raised and lowered section.  


  • Refreshments are available from The Ridge Café which is located near the main car park.
  • There is a step free, level access into the café and the outdoor covered seating area can be accessed through the café or alternatively there is an access ramp to the side of the café.
  • Due to the modest size of the building, space is tight within the internal seating area, but staff will be happy to assist visitors with access and manoeuvring if needed.
  • The counter is raised however there is a lowered section to the far left of the counter.


  • Interpretation boards are all in clear, easy to read text and have pictorial representation where applicable.
  • Maps of the walking and cycling trails are available from the Rangers Office.

Play Areas

  • Haldon Forest Park has two formal play areas.
  • A play area for younger children is located towards the back of the café and is surfaced with sand.
  • A second play area is located in the Bullers Hill Area (approximately 250metres away from the car park) accessed via a well surfaced, wide path.
  • The surfacing of the Bullers Hill Play Area is loose bark chippings.
  • Bullers Hill Play Area contains a basket swing which is DDA compliant.

Walking Trails

  • Discovery Trail – (1.5miles, gentle) This trail is fully surfaced, suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs and has regular resting points. Please note this is a multi-use trail.
  • Raptor Trail – (3 miles, moderate) This is a well surfaced route. The Brid of Prey viewpoint is accessed from this trail. Be prepared for a few hills.
  • Butterfly Trail – (3 miles, moderate) This trail has varied surfaces and is steep in places.
  • Tree Trail – (2.5 miles, moderate) This trail has varied surfaces and is steep in places. There are steps on this trail.
  • Mamhead Trail – (1.5 miles, gentle) Accessed from the Mamhead car park, away from the main visitor area, this trail is level and fully surfaced. It is suitable for wheelchairs and has regular resting points.

Cycling Trails

  • Discovery Trail – (1.5miles, easy) This trail is suitable for beginners and is fully surfaced. Please note this is shared trail with walkers.
  • Spicers Trail – (2.3 miles, moderate) Some narrow sections and gentle gradients. This trail has a combination of surfaces.
  • Kiddens Trail – (4 miles, moderate) Offers more challenging terrain with greater changes in gradient.
  • Ridge Ride Trail (6 miles, difficult) Single track route suitable for experienced rider’s only, with appropriate bikes and protective equipment.
  • Ridge Ride Extreme (0.6 miles, severe) Optional technical loop, more demanding than the Ridge Ride Trail.
  • Skills Area and Pump Trail (Bike Park) Purpose built to help cyclists develop new off-road skills. Suitable for novice to advanced riders.


All Terrain Mobility Scooter

  • Haldon Forest Park is host to one All Terrain Mobility Scooter, known as a Tramper. This is run by the Countryside Mobility Scheme. For more information visit
  • To use the Tramper visitors need to become a member of the scheme and undertake a short induction.
  • Once the induction is completed you will be able to explore the park independently and hire Trampers’ at other sites across the South West who are taking part in the scheme.
  • Booking is essential for all training and hire sessions. Call the Rangers Office on 0300 067 5826.
  • The Tramper can be used on the Discovery, Raptor and Butterfly Trails.


Last updated: 19th May 2016


Haldon Forest Park
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