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Small Woods Scheme Pilot

The Small Woods Scheme Pilot

The Small Woods Scheme Pilot is open from 10 September 2015.  The pilot phase will run during the remainder of 2015 and 2016.

We are currently looking for landowners or agents thinking of planting small areas of woodland who are also interested in registering with the Woodland Carbon Code.

The scheme is more straightforward than the 'standard' process, and the time/admin and cost savings will make the process more attractive to landowners looking to undertake small woodland creation projects, for example Keeping Rivers Cool or other riparian or small-scale project.

Contact Bruce Auchterlonie 0300 067 5614 if you are interested or would like to know more.

Eligibility for Small Woods Scheme

The small woods scheme is open to projects who meet the eligibility criteria of the Woodland Carbon Code and:

  • Are minimum 0.1 hectares, 20 metres width (net planted area)
  • Are maximum 5.0 hectares (net planted area) 
  • Have planting densities of at least 1,200 stems per hectare (net)
  • Involve minimum intervention, regular thinning or continuous cover management

Any species mix is eligible, provided it is suited to the site.

It is probably only cost-effective for small projects to take part if they form part of a 'group'.  The limits for small project groups are as follows:

  • Planting should span no more than a 5 year period
  • There is no limit to the number of projects in a group, but the group as a whole should total no more than 50 hectares (net planted area).


Specific guidance for Small Woods projects will be integrated into the Woodland Carbon Code and its 'standard' guidance pages once the pilot is complete.

In the mean-time, specific guidance for small projects is given here.


Documents for a 'small woods' application:




Last updated: 9th September 2015