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Forest Enterprise England - Strategy Board

The role of the Forest Enterprise England Strategy Board is to provide leadership for Forest Enterprise through considering and recommending strategic direction

Simon Hodgson - Chief Executive

Simon Hodgson Chief Executive EnglandSimon chairs the Forest Enterprise England (FEE) Strategy Board and takes overall responsibility for the management of Forest Enterprise England, including all strategic and operational matters.

Sir Harry Studholme- Non-executive board member (Forestry Commission Chair)

Sir Harry Studholme- Non-executive board member (Forestry Commission Chair)Sir Harry Studholme has been a GB Forestry Commissioner since 2007 until appointed Interim Chair from January 2013 to January 2014 and then Chair in March 2014. He was Deputy Chairman of the Independent Panel on Forestry, which reported on the future of English forestry in July 2012. His current commitments include chairing the Phaunos Timber Fund, a quoted investment trust owning forestry across five continents. Sir Harry was Chairman of the South West Regional Development Agency from 2009 to 2012. He chaired the Finding Sanctuary project, working with environmentalists and the fishing industry on proposals for marine conservation from 2007 to 2011.

Mark Pountain - Non-Executive Board Member

Mark Pountain - Non-Executive Member EnglandAfter a first career in HM Forces, Mark has held senior roles in the public, private and third sectors around the world. Mark has extensive experience of non-executive roles and also chairs a community land trust. Mark brings a wealth of experience in leadership and senior management to his role as non-executive board member.

Paddy Harrop - Head of Marketing

Paddy Harrop - Head of Marketing EnglandPaddy brings his combined experience of forestry and communications to his current role where he oversees FEE’s marketing and communications strategy. He is also responsible for delivering the public engagement programmes for the public forest estate, including the implementation of arts, learning and sports initiatives.

David Hodson - Head of Finance and Business Support

David Hodson - Head of Finance and Business SupportDavid advises the Board on financial, IS and procurement strategy. He takes the lead on FEE’s financial management, accounting services, business planning, procurement and Information Services. As well as providing business support services to FEE, David also works closely with leads on capital investments and business transformation.

PK Khaira-Creswell - Head of Corporate Affairs and Governance

PK Khaira-Creswell - Head of Executive Office EnglandPK is the lead on FEE’s corporate affairs- incorporating risk, compliance, information security and governance. PK is responsible for FEE’s Corporate Plan as well as data compliance issues, including Freedom of Information requests and Data Protection.  PK also works closely with FEE Chief Executive and the Forestry Commission’s Chair, Sir Harry Studholme, to develop positive working relationships with government ministers, Defra, MPs, Parliament and stakeholders.

Jo Ridgway - Head of Human Resources

Jo Ridgway - Head of HR EnglandJo is responsible for delivering FEE’s People Strategy which sets out to ensure that the organisation has the appropriate staff resources in place to support the delivery of its Corporate Plan. She is also responsible for the implementation of exemplary HR and Organisational Development practices throughout the business.

Mike Seddon - Director of Operations

Michael Seddon - Director of Operations EnglandMike’s experience and expertise in forestry enables him to oversee all of FEE’s operational functions- including land management, recreation and business investment. He is also closely involved in the planning and delivery of FEE’s health and safety and technical training.

Josie Sterling - FEE Governance Officer

Josie supports the work of the FEE Strategy Board by providing secretariat services.

Mark Street- Head of Estates

Mark StreetMark leads on professional property services to support the management of the Public Forest Estate in England, in particular for non-forestry land such as agricultural land and buildings. His role is to provide strategic leadership for Estates Management, support the wider commercial developments of Forest Enterprise and advise the Board on strategic land asset opportunities. Mark also manages the consenting process within the Forestry Commission for all new non-forestry developments including applications for approval by the Secretary of State.

Miranda Winram - Head of Strategy and Insight

Miranda Winram - Head of Strategy and InsightMiranda is responsible for ensuring the organisation’s strategic direction is shared with the Strategy Board, and throughout the wider organisation. She develops the tools by which FEE’s success is monitored and measured, taking responsibility for business intelligence to support the decision-making processes of the Strategy Board.

Strategy Board Terms of Reference

The Strategy Board will:

 • Set the overall direction for FEE (including FEE Plus direction)
 • Input to and sign off the FEE Strategic Plan (inaugural year 2015/16)
 • Provide Board sign off to the FEE Annual Report and Accounts (Accounting Officer responsibility for the Annual Accounts remains with the FEE CE and the draft accounts will still be considered by the England Plus ARAC)
 • Take responsibility for ensuring that FEE has systems and procedures in place to manage risk appropriately as an Executive Agency
 • Determine investment priorities for FEE, and approve FEE’s Asset Management Strategy (including a schedule of investments)
 • Appropriately escalate information and issues to the FC England National Committee (ENC) if they cannot be managed within FEE
 • Provide a non-executive report to the ENC annually on the benefits the Strategy Board approach has brought to FEE’s delivery and the extent of achievement of the objectives outlined in this paper

Last updated: 15th September 2016