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Timber Procurement Policy

We aim to use timber from woods and forests in our care where this is practical, particularly where timber can be sourced locally to our requirement.

This timber is principally used for fencing but may also be specified for bespoke buildings and other structures.

Much of the timber we use is processed timber (sawn, treated or otherwise altered from the raw tree), and we purchase this material from a wide variety of suppliers.

As the largest supplier of timber into the UK and English markets, a significant proportion of what we purchase will be from our own estate, either purchased directly or via contractors working on our estate.
All the timber we grow is certified under the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS).

All timber and timber products we purchase, either directly or through contractors working on our estate, must comply with UK government Timber Procurement Policy (PPT). 
All paper and paper products we purchase must comply with the UK government sustainable procurement government buying standards (GBS) for paper and paper products. 

Compliance with the above policies is internally and externally audited as part of our ISO 14001 approval process.


Last updated: 11th July 2017