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Research programmes

At the start of April 2015, the Forestry Commission set out a Research Brief which asked Forest Research to undertake a new series of seven research programmes to deliver the outcomes of the Science and Innovation Strategy. The programmes were designed following wide consultation with scientists and stakeholders across government and in the forestry sector.

They replace a larger number of narrowly focussed programmes from the previous science strategy, and are interdisciplinary in nature, combining physical with social sciences to encourage and increase uptake of the results.

The bulk (approximately 90%) of our commissioned research is purchased from our Agency, Forest Research. Other projects are commissioned from external providers, and these are closely linked to the larger Forest Research programmes to provide skills and capabilities which are not available in-house.

Reports of research commissioned from Forest Research and external providers for individual programmes can be accessed from these pages. Formal publications can be found in our on-line catalogue.

Programme 1: Assessing resilience
Programme 2: Understanding biotic threats
Programme 3: Delivering resilient forests
Programme 4: Valuing and governing forest ecosystem services
Programme 5: Sustainable Markets for Forest Products
Programme 6: Forest resource assessment and modelling
Programme 7: Integrating research for policy and practice

Last updated: 2nd August 2017