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Drift Car Park and Cycle Route Closures

The Forestry Commission has for many years worNEW FOREST PONIES AT THE BEAULIEU HORSE SALES. NEW FOREST FDked with the Agisters to ensure the annual drifts can take place with minimum incidents and ensuring the safety of both the public and those taking part in the round up.

This year the Agisters have requested temporary car park/ cycle route closures and these have been agreed by the Forestry Commission.

Car Park Closures                                       Cycle Route Closures

Car Parks

Car parks will be closed either the night before or early the morning of the drift and will re-open as soon as the drift has finished which is generally late afternoon.

There will be advance warning signs at the car parks prior to their closure.

We request that people avoid these areas entirely on drift days or postpone activities until later in the afternoon when the drifts have finished, as this will greatly help with the management and safety of the drift.  

The following car parks will be affected:

Date  Closed car park 

Wednesday 15th August

Bratley View

Andrews Mare

Canadian Cross

Sunday 19th August



Friday 24th August

Ocknell Pond

Cadmands Pool

Spring Bushes

Sunday 26th August

Bull Hill


Beaulieu Heath


Sunday 9th September

Mill Lawn

Woods Corner

Tuesday 11th September

Horseshoe Bottom

Longslade Heath

Wilverley Pit

Wilverley Plain

Wilverley Inclosure

Friday 21st September

Beechern Wood

Whitefield Moor

Whitemoor Pond

Sunday 30th September Ober Corner
Sunday 7th October

Tilery Road

Standing Hat

Sunday 14th October

Beaulieu Heath

Rans Wood


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 Cycle Routes                                                                          

There may be occasions where it will be necessary to close small sections of the cycle route for a short time during some of the drifts.

The following routes below will be closed from 8am - 12 noon.

However as the drift may over run, please do not use the route until all signage has been removed. 


Date  Cycle Route Closure  Cycle Route Post Numbers
Friday 17th August Picket Post - Bratley View 61-71
Sunday 19th August Deerleap - railway bridge 382-376
Sunday 2nd September Denny Wood Campsite 294-301
Friday 21st September North Weirs - School Green 237-235
Sunday 30th September Ober Corner - Black Knowl 265-264
Sunday 7th October Ladycross - Railway line as well as  Roundhill and Hollands Wood campsite sections

328 - 325

326 -330


Sunday 14th October Ranswood - Hawkhill 342-344


For further information on these closures please phone 0300 067 4601 and ask to speak to a member of our Ranger team.

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Last updated: 4th August 2018

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Codes of Conduct
Cyclists. Please dismount and stand still to one side of the track or out of the way

Dog Walkers. Please keep dogs under close control or on a lead until you are well away from the drift area.

Horseriders Please do not ride on the Forest where you are likely to come across a drift.

Walkers. Please stand still and to one side of the track out of the way.

Photographers. Please do not attend drifts to take photos unless you have prior permission from the Forestry Commission to do so. Photographers can often cause unnecessary additional work to the riders as their semi-hidden positions startle the ponies causing them to turn away from the holding pen area.

Drivers. Please Slow Down if you see that a round up is taking place and be aware that ponies may charge across the road from any direction at any time, often followed by mounted riders.

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