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More Children's University activities with the Forestry Commission

When you have completed the 'Discover Your Forest' sheet, you can earn more hours for your passport by doing some of the following activities in a Forestry Commission woodland near you:

Seasonal Activities

Have a go at our seasonal challenges - 10 challenges for each season.

Spring challenges

Summer challenges

Autumn challenges

Winter challenges

To acquire the stamp for your passport, write up to 250 words about the challenges you did, which forests you visited, what you enjoyed and what you learned, and send your work to use via email. This is worth up to three hours depending on how many challenges you have completed.

Climate Change Activities

For two CU hours, complete the Climate Change activity sheet at any Forestry Commission woodland, then make a poster to explain why trees and forests are important in the battle against climate change. Scan or photograph your poster and send it to us via email

Last updated: 15th March 2017

England's Woods and Forests are cared for by Forest Enterprise England, an agency of the Forestry Commission.