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New requirement to submit annual claim forms

Agreement holders for Farm Woodland Payments (FWP & FWPS) and English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) Woodland Management Grant (WMG) must now submit a claim form each year to receive their scheduled payments.

Step 1, Spring 2015

Agreement holders should have received a letter in April 2015 setting out these changes and a claim form to be signed and returned to the Forestry Commission (FC) National Office by 15 June 2015.

Step 2, Autumn 2015

The first letter explained that a further claim form showing the work areas relating to your agreement would be sent to you in the autumn. These have now been issued. We need you to confirm that these work area details are correct and to sign and return the form to enable payment to be made.  If you have more than one agreement, you will receive a separate claim form for each agreement you hold. Please return your claim form(s) as soon as possible.

The amount shown on the Autumn claim form will not account for any penalties due to be applied following the late submission of a claim in the Spring (after 15th June 2015). If applicable you will be notified separately in writing.

Further information
If you need any help, please use the following contact information:
• To register on the new online Rural Payments service and obtain a Customer Reference Number or to request a map from the RPA, please call the Rural Payments Helpline on 03000 200 301.
• If there has been a change of ownership or address, please contact your FC Area Admin team:
• If you have not received a claim form but have a current FWP, FWPS or WMG scheme, please email quoting your scheme reference number, Single Business Identifier (SBI), name and full address. Claims for Capital works such as Woodland Creation Grant, Woodland Improvement Grant and Woodland Regeneration Grant can continue to be submitted at any time of the year and will not be affected by this change in Regulations.

Last modified: 10 November 2015

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