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People's History of Thetford Forest

Bush saw felling, thinning operation. Compartment 166, Thetford. 8/08/1949Thetford Forest is the largest man made pine forest in the UK and is the country’s most significant land-use change.  Established in the 1920s by the Forestry Commission it forms a large part of the history of the Brecks landscape and is still a part of people's memories today.

Volunteers were trained to carry out oral history interviews with people who have lived and worked in the Forest, employed in a variety of roles and allied trades. The interviews captured their stories, memories, knowledge and experience to compare changes in forest working practices and the local community.

Listen to the People's History of Thetford Forest

Below are some of the interviews for you to enjoy

Michael Adams

Peter Ladell

Simon Malone

Allan MacKenzie

Ray Whitta

Mike Kew

William Turner part 1 part 2

David Collinson

Ronald Rule

Val Marsh

Phylis Adams

Norman McCreath

Andrew Kedar

Bunny Hunns

William Barbour

Roy Taylor

Martin Fletcher

Jack Calver 1  and Jack Calver 2

David Bacon

Robert Alderidge

Brian Roebuck

Barry Griggs 1 and Barry Griggs 2

Jack Traube

David Collinson


The project is being managed by Vicky Tustian , Forestry Commission and Anne Mason, Heritage Consultant.

If you would like to be involved, please get in touch.  Whether you have memories to share or you’d like to volunteer for the project, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact Vicky Tustian

Email:  Telephone: 0300 0674551

Breaking New Ground

The People's History of Thetford Forest is a part of a £2.2M scheme of new and exciting landscape and heritage conservation projects for the Brecks, thanks to a £1.5M grant from the Heritage Lottery. The Breaking New Ground partnership is responsible for delivering the scheme and partners include regional, national and local organisations with an interest in the area, community groups and members of the community.  The Forestry Commission is proud to be a partner in this fantastic initiative for The Brecks. Breaking New Ground logoHeritage Lottery Funded logo

Last updated: 10th July 2018

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