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10. Other work on oak trees - OPM manual

You might have to carry out other work, such as pruning, felling, pollarding or tree surgery, on your oak trees in OPM-affected areas.

Before you carry out any such work you should find out whether it is covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). You can do this by contacting your Council's local Tree Officer, often based in either the Development Control or Planning department. If a TPO is in place, you will need to discuss with them what work is being planned to see whether prior permission is needed.

There might also be restrictions in place if the tree is growing in a Conservation Area. If this is the case you should again seek advice from your local council.

Carrying out any work on any tree carries a risk, but working on oak trees which might be infested with OPM presents additional hazards. This should therefore only be done by reputable tree surgeons or forestry workers who are familiar with the measures required or recommended to prevent the accidental spread of pests in the oak material removed, and with the precautions needed to protect their health and safety.

These are set out in our ‘Good practice guide for handling oak material in areas affected by OPM’.

Last updated: 27th July 2018