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Dogs at Cannock Chase Forest
(Average user rating: 4 unrated 4/5)

Dog enjoying a forest walkDogs are welcome in all areas of Cannock Chase Forest except the Play Area and food service area of Birches Valley Café. We have water bowls located on benches outside the Café for your dog to have a drink.

Be our Top Dog and follow our Dog Code.

Staying Safe

Whether riding your bike or going for a walk, please make sure your dog is always under control and they will come back to you when called.

Please don’t allow your dog to chase wildlife, between March and July is especially important because this is the deer and bird breeding season, it can be great fun but it can cause serious injuries.


For a short walk we have the 1 mile Lady Hill Trail. For a longer walk why not go along the Fairoak Trail, there is a pool which dogs can have a swim but please keep dogs out of the two main fishing pools as they disturb the Fish and Wildlife in them.

Clean up after your dog

Always bag and remove your dog’s waste, it helps us keep the forest clean.

Dog Activity Challenge

This exciting challenge is a great way to keep you and you dog fit and healthy with lots of fun! The trail is located on the Concert field and you can find it from Birches Valley Forest Centre by following the signs for the Lady Hill Trail.

Try your dog’s ability at activities such as fetching, weaving and jumping!

What do other visitors say?

I walk my dog every day on Cannock Chase and speak to many people. the Chase is a great place for dogs and for kids but i know i am not alone in being very irritated by adult cyclist who ride at a fast speed from behind. You cant always hear them approacing as most to not have a bell or shout a warning of their approach! Another thing is the lack of bins, people wont walk miles carrying bags of poo round with them, so the leave it, or they bag it and dump it!

Janet Wedge, 21/Feb/2018

We ask all our visitors to be courteous to each other and are respectful to other users, and we are sorry to hear on occasion this is not happening. On Forestry Commission land in the wider forest we operate a 'Stick and Flick' policy for dog waste, simply use a stick to flick dog mess off the paths and into the undergrowth.

Forestry Commission Response

Hi I'm thinking of bring my 2 girls to the gruffalo trail bank holiday Monday, are dogs aloud on the trail too?

Stacey, 27/May/2017

Hi, Yes dogs are allowed on our Gruffalo Trail. We just ask they are kept under close control, using a lead if necessary, and that you clear up after them. We also have a Dog Activity Challenge for them along the way!

Forestry Commission Response

We are planning a visit to Cannock Chase touring site with our dogs, on the 7TH of July we have ticket to Elbows concert and wondered if we would be able to bring the dogs with us ( v well behaved people and dogs) or if we would have to make dog sitting arrangements?

Lesley and PeterHallows, 25/Feb/2017

Hi, Unfortunately dogs (except assistant dogs) are not allowed to our Forest Live concerts. Full terms and conditions for our concerts can be found at

Forestry Commission Response
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Last updated: 22nd April 2016

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