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Harvesting Operations

Thinning Operations Completed Spring 2015

Tilgate Forest is managed sustainably by the Forestry Commission for Timber, Wildlife and Recreation.  This spring the Forest came to a point in its cycle where thinning was required to support a healthy crop of timber.

Thinning involves the selective felling of trees to give the remaining timber space to grow and thrive.  The trees felled for thinning are not wasted and are used for a range of jobs from firewood to fencing posts.  Thinning can also be a benefit to the forest flora and fauna, letting more light in so different plants can emerge to support a wider diversity of wildlife.

The thinning operations are now complete.  The forest may look a little different and bare in some places but over the summer and next year there will be new growth throughout the forest encouraged by the extra light coming through.

 Keep Safe

It is highly important that visitors to the forest obey the restrictions and warnings when the thinning takes place for their safety and for the safety of the peopple carrying out the work.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Victoria Tustian at:

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