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SSSI Wetland Restoration Works in the New Forest

SSSI Wetland Restoration Works in the New Forest, South England Forest District; Framework No: 304/HLS/15/1114 The FC South England Forest District will be awarding framework agreements for SSSI Wetland Restoration Works in the New Forest.

In 2010 the Verderers of The New Forest were awarded a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme (HLS) worth £19 million of European and UK money for the New Forest over a ten- year period. The New Forest is a recognised Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) the entire New Forest area is divided into individual SSSI units which have been individually assessed by Natural England.

A number of SSSI units have been classified as being in ‘unfavourable’ condition. One of the key objectives of the New Forest HLS Scheme is to change the remaining unfavourable SSSI units to favourable condition, the funding from the (HLS) Agreement

The Verderers of the New Forest agreement number AG00300016 will enable this to be achieved. The Forestry Commission are now seeking to renew their wetland restoration contract to continue works to restore these ‘unfavourable’ habitats in a time-bound programme of work as safely and effectively as possible and at optimum value.

Our intention is to award a framework agreement with 3 contractors to deliver the programme of SSSI restoration work for a period of 4 years from the 5th May 2015.

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Invitation to Tender (Word version)

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Appendix A - Works Specification And Mitigation Measures

Appendix B - Framework Contract for Wetland Restoration Works

Appendix C - Examples of Best Practice

Appendix D - Technical drawings

Appendix E - Pricing Schedules

Appendix F - Maps (5MB)