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Winter kids activities

Bring a bit of the forest home with you, and try these great projects to keep the kids active and entertained during (and after) their woodland walks.

Make your very own forest ice art

What you’ll need;

  • Her Insistent Stream. Sculpture by Hilary Cartmel 1985. Grizedale forestLots of leaves, twigs, colourful berries, and other forest bits and bobs you can find!
  • Some small containers
  • Small bits of string/wool
  • A jug of cold water
  • Your parents, older brother or sister, or
    teacher/other responsible adult to help

Now let’s begin!

Step 1: Ask an adult to cut pieces of string long enough to put across your container. Now put your twigs, berries, or anything else you’ve found in the woods that you’d like to use in your little container, on top of the piece of string. Make sure there are sections of the string sticking out either end of your container.

Step 2: Now gently pour your water into the containers – carefully though, so you don’t wash away your woodland treasures! If it’s going to be really cold, take your little containers outside and leave to freeze overnight. If you can’t wait, popping them in the freezer for a few hours will work just as well!

Step 3: Take your frozen containers into the kitchen, and ask your mum or dad to fill the sink with some cold water. Then put your containers in the cold water for just a few minutes – this will make it easier to take the icy forest art out of the containers! Now you’re ready to hang your forest art by its string outside. Maybe hang them in front of the kitchen window, or near your front door?

What to do with sticks?

Stick craftsTake a look at our twiggy Pinterest board for lots of great stick craft ideas! From making stick stars and lollypop monsters to twiggy photo frames, candle holders and magic fairy wands!

Ten winter challenges for kids

Robin (Erithacus rudecula)Don’t be put off by the cold weather! Get the kids out and about in their local woodland with our winter spotters guide and ten challenges for winter. See who can complete them all first!

More free activities

Visit kids days out for more great family activities for children in our forests.

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