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Making a complaint Stage 3

We shall do everything we can to deal with your complaint to your full satisfaction but if you feel that our second response does not fully address your concerns then you can move to the final stage of our internal complaints procedure. 

To do this you should write or e-mail Mr Ian Gambles, Director England, Forestry Commission England.

Contact details:

Mr Ian Gambles
Director England
Forestry Commission
620 Bristol Business Park
Coldharbour Lane
BS16 1EJ

Please note that when contacting the Director England

• You must send your complaint within three months of having received a final response from your local Area Director or Forest Management Director or National Office.  We will not normally consider complaints sent later than this.

• You must make your complaint in writing unless there is good reason for not doing so.  It is important we have a record of exactly what you want to complain about, so we can address your concerns accurately.

• The Director England may not respond to your complaint personally in cases where he considers that the issue can be delegated to the Director Forest Services, Chief Executive Forest Enterprise or another member of England Executive Board.

The 'appeals' processes that exist in legislation or scheme rules in regard to grants and regulation issues are not considered to be 'complaints' but will be treated as routine business by the Forestry Commission, who will follow the relevant procedures. 


Last updated: 31st January 2018