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Making a complaint Stage 2

The second stage of our complaints process will depend on who you received your initial response from. 

The next step you should take is set out in the table below.

Initial (Stage 1) reply sent to you by:

Second Stage

Complaint to

Third Stage

Complaint to

Forest District Staff

(The management of the Public Forest Estate)

Forest Management Director / Deputy Surveyor

(for the Forest District you had the initial response from)

Director England

Area Office Staff

(Incentives, regulations and issues in connection with woodland that does not form part of the Public Forest Estate)

Area Director

(for the Area you had the initial response from)

National Office Staff

(Multiple area/district, cross cutting issues or national issue)

Director’s Office

(National Office and cross cutting issues)

If you are uncertain who to contact to progress your complaint to Stage 2 then please send it to the Director’s Office, England National Office.

If your complaint concerns the disclosure or non-disclosure of information under the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information Regulations then you should address your complaint to the Director England.

 Stage 3

Last updated: 31st January 2018