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Making a complaint

We hope that you will not find any cause for concern in your dealings with the Forestry Commission in England. 

Nevertheless, if something goes wrong or you are dissatisfied with our service there are a number of routes open to you to make a complaint depending on which aspect of our activities are causing you concern. 

We have found that most issues are best resolved at a local level and we would normally expect complaints made to the Director England (Stage 3) to have been through stages 1 and 2, although this may not be appropriate in all cases. 

Subject of Complaint

Send your complaint to

The management of the Public Forest Estate (land managed directly by the Forestry Commission's agency Forest Enterprise)

The local Forest District Office

The management of other woodlands and our activities in relation to other woodland, including our role as a regulator. 

The local Forest Services Area Office

Any other issue, including complaints concerning requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information Regulations.

England National Office 
620 Bristol Business Park

Coldharbour Lane
BS16 1EJ

Tel: 0300 067 4000
Fax: 0117 931 2859

If you are unsure of where to direct your complaint or it is not confined to one District or Area then please send it to National Office. 
We will then pass your complaint to the most appropriate person.


  • A separate complaints process exists for applicants for grants and regulatory (licence) issues because this often relates contractual or other legal agreements. 

The 'appeals' processes that exist in legislation or scheme rules in regard to grants and regulation issues are not considered to be 'complaints' but will be treated as routine business by the Forestry Commission, who will follow the relevant procedures. 

  • Timber sales are covered by our timber customer charter.  This charter includes its own complaints procedure.

If you are dissatisfied with the response to your initial complaint we have 2 further stages in our complaints process.

Service Standards


Last updated: 21st April 2017