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Tips for enjoying the great outdoors

Feel inspired to enjoy the crisp winter air to the full this season? Here are some tips to help you make the most of your next forest excursion or lovely leisurely winter walk!

1) Wear the right clothes

Make sure to bring plenty of layers, hats and gloves, even if the weather is still hot as you start out. Winter temperatures can dip quickly, so taking the right gear will mean you stay warm and dry. Warm, water-resistant footwear with proper grip are also advisible. And just in case you’re in the market for some new gear, take a peek at our web shop!

2) Stay on the trails

Where we can, we’ll make sure the majority of our forest trails remain open and accessible throughout the year. Many of our trails are waymarked, and maps of the walking and cycling routes are available at most of our forest sites. Try to stay on the trails and follow the markers, especially if it’s been snowing as even familiar routes can look different! Check your local forests’ webpage, before heading out, and download our app ForestXplorer

3) Clean up after Fido

Get out and enjoy fresh blankets of snow with your furry companion! When out in the forest please do remember to pick up after your dog on busy trails, and stick and flick any mess into the undergrowth on lesser used trails, even in winter. This is because bacteria in dog mess can have a very bad impact on the forest. Other trail users will be very grateful too!

4) Don’t forget to stay hydrated

When it’s colder you’ll still loose lots of water sweating as you exercise in the outdoors, so don’t forget to bring plenty of water with you (and map out where the forest café is ahead of time!) to stay hydrated as much as possible. It’s recommended that people drink between 1.6 to 2 litres of fluid a day.

5) Take time to take it all in

There will be lovely wintery things to admire in the woods, so why not take the time to really look around? You could even try exploring that new trail you’ve been meaning to head down for ages. And don’t forget to share your forest visits with us! We’d love to see snaps of your favourite forest winter activity, whether you don your lycra as you head outside, or favour a calmer jaunt through the woods! Tag your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #ForestFit.

Last updated: 22nd June 2017

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