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Consultation process

The UK Indicators of Sustainable Forestry were developed through two rounds of consultation in 2001 and 2002.

We are grateful to all the people and organisations who contributed comments and suggestions in the consultations.

1st Consultation

The first round of external consultation on these indicators ran from March to June 2001. It was primarily aimed at experts in the subject areas to be covered by the indicators.

1st Consultation - Introduction
1st Consultation - Indicators
Report on 16 May 2001 Bromsgove workshop
Report on 8 June 2001 Northern Ireland workshop
List of Contributors

2nd Consultation

The second round of external consultation ran from February 2002 until May 2002 as a public and stakeholder consultation.

Sustainable Forestry Indicators - Feb 2002
List of Contributors - May 2002


Last updated: 14th June 2017