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Recreation Statistics

Information on national visitor and recreation surveys that include questions on visits to forests and woodland is provided in Forestry Statistics. 

The Forestry Commission has also conducted various surveys (some in collaboration with other agencies) to determine how the national forest estate contributes to people’s lives. In particular, much work has been done on obtaining information about recreational use of forests.

All Forests Monitoring – surveys aimed at providing accurate profile and count data on visitors to all Forestry Commission woodland in Wales and Scotland

Quality of Experience – surveys to measure the quality of visitor experience to forest sites

Forest Visitor Surveys and Counts – local surveys aimed at providing forest managers with information on visitor profiles and numbers

General Visitor Surveys - provides information on household surveys of recreation.


User engagement

In order to improve the statistics that we produce and to ensure that they remain relevant, we are interested in hearing from people who use our statistics. More information on how we consult users and contact details can be found on our user engagement page.

Last updated: 10th March 2018