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Indicators for woodland

View the woodland chapter of 'UK Indicators of Sustainable Forestry', as published in October 2002.

Any recent developments, and links to additional information, are shown below.

A1. Woodland area

A2. New woodland creation

  • Annual figures for new planting of conifer and broadleaves in the last 5 years are in Tables 1.11 and 1.12 of Forestry Statistics.

A3. Loss of woodland

  • In the FOCUS project, Question 9 investigated differences between woodland estimates from the Countryside Survey 2000 and other sources. Final results were published in September 2003.

A4. Tree species

  • Because of space limitations, the published indicator only gives a country breakdown for 1995-99, with GB totals for earlier years (1947, 1965 and 1980). Country breakdowns for all years are available here, as well as areas excluded from the published indicator - felled, coppice, open space (for 1995-99), scrub (for 1980 and earlier Censuses) and area devastated (for 1947).

  • Woodland areas for the main tree species are available in region and county reports for the National Inventory of Woodland & Trees 1995-99.

A5. Woodlands in landscape

  • The Countryside Quality Counts research programme, tracking change in the English countryside, started in 2002 and reported in June 2004. For woodland it draws data from various sources to assess the location and extent of change and of WGS-funded management. The full report is available from the Countryside Quality Counts website.

A6. Area of sustainably managed woodland

  • Updated statistics for the area of woodland certified broken down by country, are in table 1.4 of Forestry Statistics.

A7. Management practices

  • Most of the data for this indicator came from the National Inventory of Woodland and Trees (NIWT) 1995-99, so no updates are available. The next NIWT, for which the field survey work started in 2009, records management practices on a different basis, because it does not have a cluster design. 
Last updated: 14th June 2017