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Procedures for regulated material

New Compulsory Import Notification Procedures for Stone and Iron products from China – May 2017 – Commission Implementing Decision 2017/728  

With effect from 15th May 2017 the Forestry Commission requires that all importers of the 8 relevant commodities, i.e.  2514 (Slate), 2515 (Marble), 2516 (Granite), 6801(Flagstone) and 6802 (Building stone), 6803 (Worked slate), 6907 (Glazed ceramic flags and paving) and 7210 (Flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel), provide, via email, advanced notification (see revised September 2017 ‘Notification of Landing ’ form1 also used as the Quarantine Release Certificate (QRC notification form), of their intention to land controlled material, to their local Forestry Commission or DAERA-NI/Forest Service Plant Health Inspector (see contact list attached for UK points of entry  

In terms of advanced notification the importer/agent should aim to provide at least three working days’ notice of their intention to land controlled material via sea freight and at least four working hours for material landed via airfreight.  Importers are encouraged to provide as much advanced notification as possible to assist with prompt clearance of consignments which will be beneficial in terms of time and costs.  The local Inspectors will then liaise with the importer/agent and advise them of those entries that will be held at the point of entry for a physical plant health check either using a Port Inventory System hold or a direct hold request to HMRC.  Inspectors will aim to provide importers/agents with 24 hours’ notice (excluding weekends and bank holidays), of receiving Notification of Landing forms, that a consignment will be held for inspection or Cleared Without Examination (CWE).    The Inspectors will therefore be directly responsible for selecting the entries that they are notified of for inspection on a minimum frequency of 15% hold basis.  This will permit the Forestry Commission to effect the EU’s 15% minimum inspection level more readily as the Inspectors will be able to identify those consignments which potentially contain high risk solid wood packaging material and provide a clear automatic entry of the other consignments.

The minimum frequency level of 15% checks on entries selected by the Forestry Commission will only be released from a Port Inventory System hold after a Forestry Commission inspection has been carried out and/or the necessary quarantine release certificate (QRC) is endorsed by FC Inspectors and presented by the importer/agent to HMRC, NCH, Salford for a Customs CHIEF Entry System release.   Additionally, the Forestry Commission/DAERA-NI may select for inspection any consignment which, in their opinion, has potentially high risk wood packaging material associated with it regardless of the commodity type being shipped.   This may in effect mean that importers/agents of the 8 CN Code commodities listed above will have other types of commodities selected in addition to the minimum frequency of 15% checks associated with stone and iron imports from China.    Any amendments to the import procedures will be publicised on the Forestry Commission’s this website at

Contact Details

For enquiries, or information which might assist targeted plant health checks, on wood packaging material associated with imports of stone or iron materials from China:  T:0300 067 5155 or


1.   The Notification of landing Form is a pdf document which can be downloaded and completed electronically on any PC which has the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.   Should you require this software to open and complete the pdf form it can be installed on your computer, free of charge, by downloading it from the Adobe Acrobat website at -


Last updated: 30th September 2017