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What other companies say

Companies who have bought carbon from Woodland Carbon Code projects include: 


Allstar, the UK's largest fuel card distributor, have bought carbon from 44 WCC projects across the UK to help their customers compensate for their vehicle emissions. 

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 Bilfinger GVA Logo

Bilfinger GVA, the UK's leading real estate advisory business, is buying carbon from a project in Cumbria to compensate over time for its office energy usage.

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 BWOC logo

BWOC, a fuel distribution company, have bought carbon units from seven different WCC projects across the country in recognition of a portion of its operational emissions. 

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 Green Investment Bank logo

The UK Green Investment Bank Plc have bought carbon units from three projects, the latest Parkhead 2, a flood mitigation scheme in West Lothian.

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Premier Paper, the UK's leading independent paper merchant, since 2011 offers customers the chance to compensate over time for the production and distribution emissions of the paper they buy, with carbon from projects in Cumbria and Hertfordshire.

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 Waitrose logo

 Waitrose, a quality food retailer, has bought carbon from Warcop, to help compensate for the tailpipe emissions of their home delivery fleet. 

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More case studies will be available soon.

Last updated: 21st December 2016