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Creating a woodland management plan

1. Read updated guidance on how to create a plan

2. Complete one of the following templates:

a)    The full woodland management plan template can be used for any size of woodland and is suitable for submission under the Countryside Stewardship capital item PA3 Woodland management plan.

b)    The small woodland management plan template is for woodland under 10 hectares. It can be used to apply for a felling licence but cannot be used if you are receiving funding to prepare a woodland management plan through Countryside Stewardship.

3. Create an inventory & plan of operations

The inventory and plan of operations should be completed and submitted alongside the management plan template. It sets out information relating to felling and restocking and is necessary for issuing a felling licence.

4. Produce a map

Maps are an excellent way to communicate information to support a management plan.  You can create a map using the myForest service or your own Geographic Information Systems. To create a map to support a grant application you will need to submit a map request to the Forestry Commission.

5. Submit your management plan to your local Area office

This should include:

a)    A completed management plan template

b)    An inventory and plan of operations

c)    A map

d)    A plan submission proforma if you are receiving funding from the Countryside Stewardship scheme.

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Last updated: 17th November 2017