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London's Trees and Woodlands

The urban forest provides a wide range of benefits to the economy, society and environment due to its proximity to people.

Our work in London is primarily based on partnership working and delivery of projects with a strong pan London strategic focus.

A key partnership is London Tree Partnership, involving a wide range of organisations and individuals creating opportunities for Londoners, businesses and local communities to help protect London’s trees and increase London’s trees cover.

London Tree & Woodland policies

Ensuring the contribution London’s trees and woodlands are protected and managed

Good urban forestry practice

Guidance to ensure urban forests are well managed

Support for London’s Urban Forest 

Provides advice on funding available to support planting and management of London’s trees & woodlands

London's Tree and Woodland Awards

An annual event that celebrates tree and woodland work in London

Urban forest resilience projects

Ensuring London’s trees are best prepared for challenges such as climate change and pests

FC London activities and team members

Work programme and priorities in London, and who to contact  


Last updated: 31st January 2018