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UKFS Guidelines on Forests and Climate Change

Climate change presents one of the greatest long-term challenges facing the world today. Over the past 150 years, the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has increased significantly and now exceeds 400 parts per million. This is as a direct result of human activities, mainly through the use of fossil fuels and changing land use. There is mounting evidence that climate change could create impacts on our environment that may be substantial, abrupt and irreversible.

UK Forestry Standard Guidelines: Forests and Climate Change
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Forests and Climate Change is one of a series of seven Guidelines that support The UK Forestry Standard (UKFS). The UKFS and Guidelines outline the context for forestry in the UK, set out the approach of the UK governments to sustainable forest management, define standards and requirements and provide a basis for regulation and monitoring.

Printed copies of the Guidelines can be ordered from FC Publications.


Last updated: 2nd March 2017