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Regeneration and sustainable silviculture - commissioned reports

Date: 2009
Title: Forest vegetation management in Europe: current practice and future requirements
Authors: Ian Willoughby et al
Full Report: COST Action E47 report

This publication is one of the key outputs from the COST Action E47. The aims of the publication are:

  • To provide a summary of the current 'state of the art' as it applies to forest vegetation management in Europe for scientists, practitioners and policy makers, affiliated to state, non-governmental or private commercial organisations.
  • To document existing forest weed control practices across Europe, and hence provide a resource of alternative solutions for individual countries sharing similar conditions and challenges.
  • To identify common information gaps and future research needs, and hence potential future areas of collaboration for forest vegetation management scientists accross Europe, along with barriers that may need to be overcome to achieve that aim.

Date: 1997
Title: Weeding young trees - avoiding trouble
Authors: I Willoughby
Full Report: Research Article

Date: 1996
Title: Noxious weeds
Authors: I Willoughby
Full Report: Forestry Commission Research Information Note 274

Some weeds growing within woodlands are covered by legisaltion that may require managers to take measures to control them. This note lists such weeds, discusses any practical impact that relevant legislation may have on woodland management, and gives help in identifying and controlling the problem species.

Date: 1996
Title: Cultivation of lowland sites for new woodland establishment
Authors: I Willoughby and A Moffat
Full Report: Forestry Commission Research Information Note 288

Much new woodland planting is now taking place on former agricultural land in the lowlands. Cultivation can benefit tree growth and survival. This note provides advice on when cultivation is necessary, types of cultivation and the impact of cultivation on subsequent weed control operations, for new woodland creation on lowland sites.

Date: 1995
Title: Natural Regeneration of Broadleaved Trees
Authors: Ralph Harmer and Gary Kerr
Full Report: Forestry Commission Research Information Note 275

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