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Partnership Projects


If you are working with the Forestry Commission on a joint project you can use the library free* of charge. The images can only be used for the agreed project and should be deleted at the end of the project.

You can either search and order images from this site or your Forestry Commission contact can download the images for you. If you order direct from the Internet you will be asked for the name and location of your FC contact. In order to process your request we must have this information in writing from your FC contact.

If you require images in the first instance for layout purposes you can right click and save a watermarked version. We would normally ask for 2 working days notice to accommodate large orders.
*Laurie Campbell photographs can be used for presentation purposes only. If selected for a publication or an exhibition you or your partner will be invoiced. Other freelance photographers may have set restrictions on how a photograph can be used - these will be clearly displayed and must be strictly adhered to. 

Photographs must not be changed or altered in any way and the unique reference number must not be removed. Responsibility for copyright has been devolved to the Forestry Commission which covers the majority of photographs (photographs by freelance photographers are covered by the owners copyright).

Picture credit line is - Forestry Commission Picture Library/photographer unless otherwise stated.

Last updated: 2nd June 2018