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Holford Ride, Westonbirt Arboretum

Westonbirt's trees

Westonbirt, The National Arboretum is a fantastic place to visit in all seasons.

Whilst the stunning colour of our trees attracts many visitors during autumn, we believe that the tree collection has many other species that give Westonbirt year-round appeal.

Several of our 15,000 labelled trees (around 2,500 different types of tree) have interesting stories to tell and are well worth seeking out.

These pages aim to highlight some of these, including the major tree groups, rare trees, champion trees, signature trees, national collections and native trees found here.

Details of particularly important or interesting groups and some of our best specimens are showcased in our major groups pages.

You can also discover our 145 champion trees (the largest or tallest in the Britain and Ireland according to the Tree Register of the British Isles) and Westonbirt's rare or endangered trees.

In addition to our major tree groups, Westonbirt has a number of tree species that we class as our signature trees.

Although many of these are neither rare nor champions, thanks to their size, location or number within the collection they form a particular important part of the uniqueness of Westonbirt and are well worth seeking out.

Last updated: 1st May 2018

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