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Silvan Capitalis, Lakeside Way, Kielder Water and Forest Park

Kielder Art and Architecture is funded through the Kielder Water and Forest Park Development Trust. It has been running for over a decade and has included architectural pieces since 1999.

The programme aims to produce quality, contemporary work that is accessible to as many visitors to Kielder as possible. Each of the pieces offer an insight into the way the artist or architect has responded to this unusual environment. Recent commissions have won a number of national architectural awards including the Stephen Lawrence Prize, two RIBA Awards, a Civic Trust Award and the Northern Culture Award for ‘Best Use of Public Open Space’.

 Family on Lewisburn Bridge, Lakeside Way in Kielder Water and Forest ParkThese works are rapidly establishing Kielder’s national reputation as an essential destination for all visitors interested in experiencing contemporary art and architecture in a striking rural setting. There is something for everyone: a futuristic shelter, a circular building buried in the ground for looking at the sky, a contemporary maze, an iconic bridge, a window on the universe and much more just waiting to be explored.

 Shelter titled 55/02, Lakeside Way, Kielder Water and Forest Park

The latest installations are a series of shelters on the shoreline of Kielder Water and can be viewed while walking or cycling the 26 mile Lakeside Way. This brings the total number of installations in Kielder Water and Forest Park to twenty.  

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Last updated: 28th August 2017

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