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Our mission and values

Our mission is to protect and expand forests and woodlands and increase their value to society and the environment.

We lead the development and promotion of sustainable forest management on behalf of the administrations in Scotland and England. We deliver distinct forestry policies through specific objectives drawn from the country forestry strategies, so our mission and values may be different in each.

But throughout, we aim to be an organisation that values:

  • teamwork - We work collaboratively with each other and our stakeholders, ensuring trees, woods and forests meet the needs of society
  • professionalism - We enjoy and take pride in our work, acting with integrity and political impartiality to achieve high standards of health and safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability
  • respect - We value each other and our stakeholders, recognising diverse perspectives and treating everyone with consideration
  • communication - We are open, honest and objective with each other and our stakeholders. We are prepared to challenge and to be challenged
  • learning - We are always learning, developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours to support organisational success
  • creativity - We seek new ways of doing things, sharing ideas and embracing change