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Woodfuel – Energy that grows on Trees

Woodfuel Implementation Plan 2011 - 2014

The Woodfuel Implementation Plan outlines how the Forestry Commission will:

  • increase wood supply by bringing more privately owned woodlands into active management
  • encourage the use of woodfuel in high quality, efficient wood heat systems
  • help rural based businesses increase their capacity to develop a robust woodfuel industry
  • provide grants aimed at supporting the development of access tracks and roads to help foresters bring thinnings to the market

Expert advice on the plan and woodfuel will be available on the stand from Forestry Commission England and the Biomass Energy Centre.


Woodfuel can be burned to generate heat or electricity and is an important part of the UK’s renewable energy supply.

Fuel can be produced from thinnings taken from woodlands and forests, wood recovered from the waste stream and from crops like short rotation coppice.

It is a sustainable, low carbon, source of energy that is produced from managed woods, where felled trees are replanted.

Woodfuel works best on a sub-national scale – using locally grown fuel in efficient, modern boilers as a clean way to provide heat for business and community buildings, saving money and CO2.

Forestry Commission England has been involved with the developing woodfuel supply chain for a number of years. The implementation plan describes what actions will be taken to further support and consolidate the sector over the period 2011 - 2014.


Are you the owner of a woodland?

woodlandForestry Commission woodland officers can provide you with information on possible grant funding available, regulations and opportunities for management on your property?

Find out more about grants and support for woodland owners.

Do you want to install a woodfuel stove or boiler?

man holding woodchipsWoodfuel is an environmentally and economically sound source of renewable heat. A list of suppliers and installers and information on any grant assistance is available.

Find out more about using woodfuel boilers.

View the Carbon Trust guide on boiler installation.

Are you looking for a woodfuel supplier?

LogsThe biomass energy centre website shows an interactive map of wood fuel suppliers.

View the Biomass Energy Centre woodfuel suppliers interactive map.

Do you currently supply woodfuel?

Woodfuel SupplyThe Forestry Commission is keen to work with suppliers of wood fuel to support this sector as it responds to meet the growing demand for logs, chips and pellets. The Confor Woodfuel Suppliers Group provides information on support available including market information, funding and networking opportunities.

Find out more about the woodfuel network.

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Last updated: 17th November 2017