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Grants and regulations - service standards

A range of regulatory instruments has been developed to assist with the implementation of forestry policy.  The Forestry Commission is responsible for the administration of these regulatory mechanisms and will ensure, where possible, that all woodland work proposals meet legal and statutory requirements that have been introduced through national, European Union (EU) and international agreements.

Links to standards and regulations we regularly use can be found below.

Applicant’s Charter
The Forestry Commission has a commitment to deliver the best service possible to you within the resources we have available and our commitment and obligation to you are set out in our Applicant's charter.

Complaints and appeals
We recognise that there may be occasions when our decision to decline an application or impose restrictive conditions may not be acceptable to the applicant. In such cases, your first course of action should be to raise your concern with your regional office. If this is unsuccessful and you wish to register a formal complaint, please see complaints and appeals for more information.




Last updated: 31st January 2018