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Frequently asked questions


Which user role should I choose?

At registration you will have the choice of two user roles: viewer or bidder.

Viewer – This user role is intended for contract managers, timber valuers and private individuals. Choose viewer if you need access to sale event details, contract documentation, maps and sale results, but do not need to bid or purchase timber. Viewers that are registered with an associated company will receive e-mail notification of any events to which their company is invited.

Bidder – This user role is intended for timber purchasers only. Choose bidder if you need access to sale event details, contract documentation, maps and sale results, and need to bid or purchase timber. Bidders must be registered with an associated company and will receive e-mail notification of events which meet the users market zone and product preferences.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, click on the appropriate link (on the login page), enter your username (this is your full e-mail address), click ‘Look Up Password’.  A password reminder will then be e-mailed to you.

Can I change my user details?

Yes : - If at any time you wish to change your user details you can do this by logging in and selecting ‘My Profile’ from the ‘My Activities’ page. You may change any of your user details with the exception of your user role. If you would like to change your user role, please contact the system administrator.

What are the market zones?

Market zones are the geographical areas that our sales events are centred around. Currently there are 6 Market Zones.
1.North Scotland
2.South Scotland
3.North England
4.Mid England
5.South England

By selecting one or more preferred market zone, bidders will automatically be invited to participate in sales events in those areas.

To view a map showing market zone boundaries click here

What if I change my email address?

Your email address is your username, primarily because it should be easy to remember and is guaranteed to be unique to you.

However if for any reason your email address changes (for example if you change your internet service provider) please contact your local customer support, who can easily make the changes to your user name for you.  Contact names and addresses are available here.

How do I deal with staff changes?

If new members of staff within your company are required to become viewers or bidders, then they need to complete the registration process before they can use the system.

If a member of staff leaves your company please notify customer or system support immediately, so that we can delete their username from the system.  For contact details please click here.

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Sale events

What is an electronic tender?

The format of our electronic tenders is exactly the same as the traditional paper tender that our customers will be familiar with - the academic description being: "a simultaneous, first–price, sealed-bid auction" (terms defined below).

Simultaneous: all lots are presented for bidding at the same time (rather than one after another).

First Price: the winner pays his own bid price

Sealed Bid:  bids are confidential and cannot be viewed by anyone other than the bidder prior to closure; winners and winning bid prices are not published following the sale.

What is the volume limit for?

The volume limit allows bidders to specify the maximum quantity of a particular product they wish to purchase. This allows bidders to bid on all lots that are of interest, without the risk of purchasing more timber than is required.

Can anyone else see my bid?

In a word, no. Until an event closes, no one has access to view any bid. Once the sale has closed, only the event owner, reviewer and system administrator have access to bid information - for the purpose of winner selection.

How do I know if my bid has been accepted?

There are 3 ways of confirming that your bid has been successfully submitted.

Bid outcome page – After you have clicked on the ‘Submit’ button you should see the bid outcome page. This will confirm that your bid has been submitted.

'My Bidding Activity’ – Sale events in which you have bids are shown in ‘My Bidding Activity’.

Bidding Page – If you re-open a sale event in which you have previously bid, your bids will be displayed against the relevant lot(s). While the event is still open for bidding, previous bids may be updated or deleted.

How are winners selected?

There are two methods of winner selection in competitive offerings:

Tenders: Manual selection -- The event owner selects the winners after the bidding stop time (BST) is reached. Normally the bidder with the highest bid (subject to the reserve price being reached) will be selected as the winner. In the event of two bids being equal, the time of bidding may be taken into account, with the first bid submitted being selected as the winner. Once the event owner has selected the winners, these will be submitted for review prior to the contract being awarded.

Logshop (Dutch Auction) : System selection -- The system selects winners automatically at the BST in single - line events.  In Dutch auctions, winner selection takes place as soon as a bid is accepted: there is no separate winner selection process after bidding stops. Bid acceptance is an automatic process.

What is a proxy bid?

A proxy bid is also known as a limit price. It is a concealed price boundary that bidders can specify so that the server will automatically bid on their behalf. 

In a Dutch auction proxy bids are largely inactive. A proxy is made at the price that the bidder is willing to pay: it becomes a winning bid if the offering price drops to or below the proxy price.

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Legal stuff

Do I still need to sign a contract?

No. Your acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale has been built in to the registration, login and bidding process. This is designed to simplify the process of buying timber so, once a sale has been concluded and you have been notified, you will have access to all of the sale documentation. But there is no requirement for you to send signed copies back to us.

My internet connection is very slow and documents take ages to download

We have tried to minimise the size of documents as much as possible but recognise that users with dial-up internet connections may have difficulty downloading certain documents.

Here are a few tips to help minimise on download time.

  • The pdf copies of the contract maps are the largest files. Unless you have a very fast internet connection, avoid downloading these if you are just browsing lots prior to sale.  Using the 'View Maps' link you can view the same information and will be able to zoom and pan across, and print, the contract area - but at a fraction of the time of the pdf version download.
  • Much of the contract documentation is common to all sales or lots of a similar type and you therefore do not need to download these for every lot. The only documents which are always specific to individual lots are: 'Lot Information and conditions'; 'Site Specific Conditions' and the maps.  Standard documents can also be downloaded here.

If you still require any documents to be posted to you, please contact the sale event owner.

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Last updated: 1st August 2016