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Publication category

Forestry Standards

UK-level strategic publications that support The UK Forestry Standard and/or the country strategies, and provide the guidance required by government to meet the needs of sustainable forest management.

Forestry Practice

UK/GB-level publications that provide comprehensive practical guidance and decision support systems to forest managers. Where appropriate, the information is published in a format suitable for use in the field.

Forestry Research

GB publications that give the user an opportunity to read more about the underlying science supporting important forestry and sustainable forest management issues. They also provide a method of disseminating the results of commissioned research and other specialist information.

Forest Technology

GB-level publications that provide comprehensive and detailed guidance to operational staff on technical specifications, health and safety and improved working practices.

Forestry Statistics

Include facts and figures, forest and forest industry statistics, indicators of sustainable forestry and information and results from the National Inventory of Woodland and Trees.

Forestry Management

Forest management information including grants, felling licences and plant health.

Last updated: 30th August 2016